Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Restaurant Love: Spätzle Euro Market Café

I was so scared that the Halloween traffic might be crazy given that some people will be going to their provinces but I was surprised that there were only a few cars on the road come 6 p.m.. However, my friends were late and I was already “hangry”.

After several exchanges on where to eat, I finally decided that I’ll stay in Spätzle. No more moving. I was tired, hungry, and grumpy. Yes, I have reached the bratty foodie stage.
K and E were game to eat there though as they have never visited Spätzle Euro Market Café.
After a few minutes, K finally arrived and we hurriedly ordered the following: Paprika Potato Chips (PHP145), Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roesti (PHP320), The Spätz Burger (PHP355), Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (PHP230) and Watermelon Slush (PHP105).
My drink arrived first and it was refreshing. I loooove watermelon!
The potatochips were delightful as well. It was slightly zesty making it different from the usual chips. It helped keep us sane while waiting for our mains.

When my order arrived, I realized that I was too impulsive. I just ordered a potato madness dinner. I ordered the salmon dish simply because it says “salmon”. 
It was still a great order though. I loved the soft smoked salmon covered with the tangy cream cheese and it was a great contrast with the crunchy potatoes. It was also served with an egg.
K loved his burger as well. Well, you could never go wrong with a USDA burger. It went with a warm brioche, pesto cream cheese, mushrooms and crispy onions on top.
E, who arrived late, ordered a plate of fried chicken which looked heavenly as well.

Now for dessert…
IT WAS THE BEST FROZEN BRAZO DE MERCEDES I HAVE TRIED. I loved the soft and crunchy textures and the delightful slightly frozen custard. I will order this again.

It was another pleasant dinner at Spätzle Euro Market Café. I will definitely be back soon to bring my sister to try the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes.

Spätzle Euro Market Café is located at 5th floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


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