Monday, November 3, 2014

Best Crispy Pata in Town: Livestock PH

There are times when I have intense cravings to the point that I find it hard to sleep as I just have to sink my teeth into whatever I’m craving. Two weekends ago, I had a sudden craving for crispy pata at 12:15 a.m.. Luckily, W was game to try Livestock PH as he heard that it’s one of the restaurants that serve the best crispy pata in Manila and he personally knows the owner. (No, we didn’t get discount.)
It took us over an hour just to get to Livestock PH and we were both hungry. We were fortunate though that we easily got a parking space.

Hello, Livestock PH!
When we arrived, there was no table in the no-smoking area that could accommodate us so we agreed to stay at the al fresco area while waiting for a table inside. Again, it was a lucky night as no one was smoking then.
We decided to order the following: Melts-in-your-mouth Crispy Pata (PHP590), Not-an-Ordinary Kare-Kare (PHP396), Vegetable and Seafood Pot (PHP255), Salted Egg Rice (PHP98). I also ordered a Red Cucumber Slushie (PHP105).

It took them over 45 minutes to serve our food and W and I already ran out of topics to talk about.
Finally, the highlight of the night was served.
I enjoyed watching the server chopping the crispy pata with a popsicle stick. Too bad W was in the washroom while the food was served.

It was really soft yet the skin was so crispy. The first few bites was heaven but after a while, I realized that it had an umay factor and I got tired of eating it. But I ate enough skin for me not to crave it for months. W and I finally had something to talk about… how they prepared the crispy pata.
The vegetable and seafood pot was pretty decent. It didn’t have a wow factor but it was light in taste and went well with the crispy pata. We needed a palate cleanser of some sort. Plus, it somehow made us feel that we’re eating healthy. (Okay, not really.)
I loved the kare-kare! The sauce’s texture wasn’t that smooth proving that they used peanuts and not just some powder or some sauce that you could buy in the supermarket. I loved the nutty taste. It was delightful.
The Red Cucumber Slushie (supposedly called smoothie if I recall it right but I’ll call it slushie since there was no milk added) was refreshing. I love the combination of watermelon and cucumber. I’ll definitely order that again on my next visit.

Overall, it was a great dinner. The wait though was a bit too much. I do hope that they do something with that.

Livestock PH is located at 34 Jardin De Zanaida Compound, Sergeant Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.

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