Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: Woo Galbi

I think I'm sick. I'm suffering from an ooh-a-new-restaurant-we-have-to-eat-there-NOW disease and I think I have reached stage 4. 
Lately, I haven't been going on hardcore food trips where I have to stop by 4 restaurants in one day. (Awww T3, I miss those days!) But one thing is for sure, if there's a new restaurant in Shangri-La or Megamall, I have to go there. True enough, when Woo Galbi opened, I begged my mom and sister that we hold one of our Saturdate lunches at the new Korean restaurant. And we did.

We arrived a bit past 1 p.m. as my sister came from school and I was trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by going to the gym for circuit training and studio for yoga. (Yeah~ <3)

The place wasn't packed so we easily got a table. I got slightly confused as there were Japanese dishes on the menu too such as tempura and sashimi. While reading the menu, the only thing in my mind was, "hey, the food here is pretty pricey" upon seeing the price of the bibimbap. PHP450 for a bowl?! Well, worth it, I guess.

It took us 10 minutes or so to decide on what to order and finally, we ordered a solo serving of Cucumber Prawn Salad (PHP176), Japchae (PHP298), Grilled Boneless Shortribs Bulgogi (PHP595) and Shrimp Tempura (PHP232 for three pieces and PHP350 for 5 pieces). 
While waiting, we feasted on the side dishes which I find okay. The serving though wasn't very generous. 
First to arrive was the salad. I must admit, it was pretty tasty! The dressing was superb. Slightly tangy and sweet. It somehow reminded me of the dressing Vietnamese restaurants serve. The greens were crisp and fresh though there were only two prawns included. I guess if I upsize it'll be four or more.
The bulgogi was a bit bland but dipping it in the sauce made it savory. I just used the sweet dip (forgot the name but it's the one in the middle sandwiched by the yellow dip and red paste). I guess I was supposed to wrap it in lettuce but I prefer eating it with rice. (Then again, I could also opt to wrap the rice and bulgogi in lettuce but... nah!)
My mom and I were not able to try the tempura. But seeing how my sister ate it, it must taste like the usual tempura.
When the japchae arrived, we were all stuffed but as troopers, we tried a bit of the heavy glass noodle dish. It was not as oily as the other japchae I tried before but surprisingly, this seemed to be heavier than the ones I've tried.

Overall, the food was pretty okay. I love the salad but the rest seem the usual. I'd go back to try the other salads and perhaps an order of salmon sashimi

Woo Galbi is located at 6th floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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