Monday, June 10, 2013

Grocery Find: M&M's Snack Mix

I’m the type of girl who shrieks over a new grocery find instead of a new Armani… uh… belt. I’ve never been the type who gushes over fashion pages. I mean I appreciate good clothes but I prefer reading food or kids magazines (because of the simple yet straight to the point movie reviews and comics… who doesn’t love comics?!) over fashion magazines.

After my last driving class, I decided to pass time at the grocery. Determined not to spend a lot, I took a basket instead of a push cart. And after getting some vegetables (as I was trying to lead a healthier lifestyle), I found myself staring at chocolates. Darn!

I spent a good 20 minutes reading over every single packaging that caught my fancy. There were a lot of new chocolates, new flavors, new packaging (that tricked me to thinking it’s a new brand)… I just have to check each and every one! In short, I was in chocolate heaven.
I started to fill my basket with a few sweet goodies then I saw…
M&M’s Snack Mix Sweet and Salty? Yeah~<3

There are different kinds. There’s one with short bread partnered with peanut M&M’s, one with dark chocolate with raisins, and one with cookies. Since the cookies seem more appetizing, I took a pack (with milk chocolate M&M's). It was a bit pricy for PHP185 but my I-just-have-to-try-it-because-it-might-be-oh-so-good mentality got the best of me. Good thing I brought with me a few GCs to lessen my cash out. Yes, I’m a stingy glutton.
For the moment of truth…
The texture is quite different. The M&M’s seem to be so soft compared to the hard salted pretzels. The cookies seem soft too. But I love the contrast of the two. Perhaps this is why I love salted caramel and gets annoyed when there’s no balance between the two. But with this pack of goodies, the control is in your hands. You can make it sweeter or saltier in every bite.

Verdict? I love it!

M&M’s Snack Mix is available in Robinsons Supermarket. You might also want to try S&R and SM Aura Supermarket.  


Comments or other recommendations? :)