Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend (Endless) Eating: F1 Café

I simply cannot resist buffets despite the intense guilt after eating a lot. When N invited me to a buffet lunch last Saturday at F1 Hotel, I immediately texted back, YES! *Darn gluttony!*
I instantly said yes because it was pretty convenient as I stayed at F1 the night before as I helped out with the ingress for the Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run. All I have to do is head down and EAT.
N and I met around 11 a.m. and the buffet was still closed as they open at 11:30 a.m. but the waitress told us that we could help ourselves with whatever was out that time.
The bread, desserts, salad and sushi stations were ready to be "attacked" so N and I took some photos and started our 3-hour lunch challenge.

We first tried the bread and cheese. There were various kinds of bread and cheese. I'm not a know-it-all foodie and I normally rely on labels and since there were none, I'll just call them "various" kinds.
We sampled all the cheese available and for the bread, I opted to take one of the dinner rolls and a short brown bread (which reminded me of the bread served at the Cheesecake Factory). I loved the brown bread! It went well with all the cheese I took. I loved most the cheese with the thinnest strip best.
As for the salad and sushi station, I just took salmon and shrimps. Lots of it! And I enjoyed it a lot. I took so many salmon that I think I finished two plates (from the station).
I was starting to get really sleepy after the one hour mark. (Who wouldn't if you had about half an hour sleep only? Being full doesn't help at all.)
I skipped the tempura and pizza for more dessert space!
With an attempt to digest a bit, I started again with vegetable soup. It was a bit thick but it was really good! The flavor that stood out the most is the pumpkin's taste.
So for the main course, I just took a bit of every thing. The roast beef was really good! Soft, tender, and well cooked. I had to remove the sides a bit though as it was a bit too peppery for me.
The short ribs were also good! Same goes for the mahi-mahi with asparagus. Simply yummy!
As for the desserts, I didn't really like any except for the pumpkin cheesecake which was really flavorful. The serving was just enough as a bit more of that will be too much for the taste buds.
Overall, the 3-hour challenge was a success and we went home with happy tummies. I wouldn't mind going back again but I hope that they'd add more dishes next time.
F1 Hotel is located at 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City. 

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