Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lunch out destination: Mad Mark's Man Sandwich + Frozen D

I just loooove lunch outs! It is refreshing to see, well, something aside from the office pantry from time to time. Thus when an officemate suddenly planned a lunch out a few days ago, I immediately said yes even though I have packed lunch (which was also my breakfast!). 
Since we only have an hour to have lunch, we decided to go somewhere near… Kapitolyo! It wasn’t hard for us to choose a restaurant as we have been exploring the nearby neighborhood since last year and with lots of restaurants (such as Milky & Sunny, Ramen Cool, Poco Deli, Thai Dara, and NAV) to choose from, you’ll never run out of options (except for a parking space).
We decided to have lunch here instead as A2 wanted to buy a cup of Half Baked Madagascar for the longest time!
I was really hungry that day so instead of a sub, I ordered one of their steaks, 11oz Cream Mushroom Steak (PHP270), a glass of their house iced tea (PHP50), and a scoop of Javan Hot Chocolate (PHP68).

Service was pretty okay though there was a bit of booboo with my order and T1 who had the same order only she prefers hers as well done while I asked mine to be medium well. In short, our orders got mixed up.

Anyway, the steak though was still good though the serving wasn’t very generous but definitely worth the PHP270 price tag. The meat was a tad tough but I love the cream mushroom sauce making it really savory and motivating you to eat one spoonful after another. I just do not get the salad as it was a few vegetables sprinkled with parmesan. It was rather dry.
The Javan Hot Chocolate was a great way to end the meal. It was not the super sweet type of ice cream yet still undeniably chocolatey! For PHP68, definitely a great buy!
It was one happy lunch! I will be back to try the other ice cream flavors!!!

Mad Mark’s is located at 23 East Capitol Driver Brgy Kapitolyo Pasig.

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