Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Healthy Slice

After a long walk and a bit of side shopping (as our attempt to digest what we ate from Nolita), A and I finally decided to sit down again and eat… just in time for BGC food stop #2. We decided to stop by Slice, a quaint cafĂ© owned by Pia Cayetano. 

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about this place. Healthy yet oh so yummy food has been the constant phrase I hear every time people talk about Slice thus I just have to include that in my list of must-try restaurants.
Hello, Slice!
The place was quite packed that day and since we were trying to project “demure ladies out for some tea” we chose to get the seats near the window with comfy chairs and coffee table (and eventually realized that it was a bad idea as the table is too low).

We decided to have a light merienda as we were still stuffed with the pizza we had from Nolita but the glutton in us can’t resist so I ordered a bowl of Brown Arroz Caldo (PHP150), Choco Yema (PHP80) and Red Velvet (PHP70) cupcake (and Double Choco Yema slice [PHP240] to go). I also ordered a glass of Moringa Miracle (PHP100). A on the other hand had a sandwich and a glass of chocolate drink. (I forgot to jot down what she had but she most likely loved it as she didn’t offer any! Huhuhu.)
The Brown Arroz Caldo is your typical arroz caldo only the texture is a bit different. The brown rice seemed to be a bit harder than the usual arroz caldo. But I like it that way as it has more texture and it didn’t feel like I was eating mashed baby food. I also loved the generous serving of chicken and slices of boiled egg. The ginger didn’t have an overpowering taste as well.
The Choco Yema cupcake on the other hand is a treat for those who just love sweets. The moist cupcake plus the yema topping sure made me utter “deeeelightful”! For those prone of having sore throats, make sure you have water with you.
The Red Velvet though wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t as moist and the tanginess wasn’t there.
As for my Moringa Miracle or malungay juice, it sure was refreshing. I just hope that they served it really cold. Cringing that it would taste so… veggie? Well, it wasn’t. It didn’t even have a leafy taste. On the other hand, it tasted just like my favorite drink in Eton Centris which only costs PHP20. I guess the ambiance is worth the additional PHP80.

Overall, I find the cakes a bit steep but the Brown Arroz Caldo sure made me decide to go back and try the other healthy offerings of this place. In short… see you soon, Slice!

Slice is located at 7th Ave. cor. 29th St. Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the red velvet. Im a huge red velvet fan so i guess ill skip that and try that yema :)

  2. Loved their choco yema cupcake and chocnut butter cupcake!! also the brown arroz caldo and belgian choco champorado <3 their ube cupcake was so-so but mom liked the red velvet.


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