Monday, June 11, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Tosca

A few Fridays ago, I felt like I was transported to another place at a blink of an eye (fine, with the help of a motorized vehicle). Anyway, it was like entering a huge Thai spa with walls ornamented with gold…paint. I thought it was just me till R told me the same thing. Don’t judge me but it was my first time to enter Dusit Thani and I wasn’t expecting the place to look like it.

Hello, Dusit Thani!

The place was pretty different from the hotels I’ve been to. It has a very strong Asian feel to it. We actually went there for an event at Tosca (one of the restaurants inside the hotel) but since I fell in love with the food they served, I just have to share it!
First served was the tuna crudo with grilled artichoke in lemon infused olive oil. It was quite like sashimi only it was tangy with the help of the lemon. The artichoke added a bit more texture to the dish as well. It was a nice light dish to start lunch. (It made me crave for salmon sashimi.)

The next dish served was the tomato soup with pesto and croutons. It was a pretty ordinary soup but it sure hits the spot. The tangy tomato with the subtle taste of the pesto made me crave for the next dish which is…
Grilled salmon with vegetable ratatouille and roasted potato in rich red wine sauce. It was deeeelightful. I wasn’t sold though with the red wine sauce as it tasted sweet. I prefer something salty or sour to accompany my salmon. I loved that the roasted potato was somehow crisp. It was like eating huge chunks of fries. Loooove it! The ratatouille was a good side dish too adding more flavors and crunch to the whole dish. I hesitated to finish the meal though as I saw that they will be serving something I really love last.
Last served was the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and it sure looked tempting even to the ones in a hard-core-no-sweets diet. I just love that it was such a gooeygoody chocolate madness. The warm chocolate plus the cold vanilla ice cream was such a delight. 
But what made this dessert more enjoyable was the rice crispies surrounding the ice cream. The crunchiness of the crispies plus the soft ice cream and chocolate cake was heavenly! I was so stingy eating the strawberries as it greatly complimented the dessert. But some good things do come to an end… especially the edible ones.
I’d definitely go back here! Who’s game? :)

Dusit Thani is located at Ayala Center, Makati City.

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