Sunday, April 10, 2011

A white summer…

While waiting for my friend, I decided to go to White Hat to appease my grumbling tummy. I ordered regular yogurt with strawberries, homemade brownies, and kiwi (they were suggesting mangoes but it looked overripe).
I noticed that they changed their plastic spoon to wooden spoon instead (quite similar to the typical wooden stick given with every cup of ice cream). An attempt to save Mother Earth? Maybe. Though I didn’t like how it feels. While finishing my cup, I had this eerie feeling that my lips will have splinters!
What I love about White Hat’s yogurt is that it has this tangy taste unlike those other yogurt stores pretending to sell yogurt but it is actually ice cream. The toppings I had were also fresh. For instance, the strawberries were not cut into pieces. They just chop it whenever someone orders it. (Wise move!) The kiwi was also good. The brownies though has a weak chocolate taste.
Overall, the experience was pleasant. Though my heart still goes to a store that makes me see…RED.

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