Saturday, April 23, 2011

A not so savory dessert

I forgot that the week of the 18th is Holy Week thus I had a hard time finding a place open to tour a friend’s friend around Manila.
Since my friend’s friend (let’s call him J) and my friend (let’s call her D) were famished, we looked for the nearest open restaurant. We first saw Shakey’s. Knowing that J is not from Manila, I thought that it might be a better idea to eat something more Filipino. We then saw Savory (okay, so we did not go to the nearest restaurant) and dine there instead.
I was pretty full then so I ordered halo-halo instead while J ordered a set meal and D had a BIG bowl of soup (she was not aware that the soup was for sharing).
Yey! My halo-halo arrived but it is melting FAST.
After a spoonful… well… it was… icy. It tasted quite ordinary and I am not really expecting much since dessert is not the specialty of Savory (it’s chicken… or so when I last checked). Next time I crave for halo-halo, I will go for Razon’s or Chow King instead.
As for the rest of the Maundy  Thursday adventure, check the Intramuros entry. J

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