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Daily's Diet: Eating Healthy Made Easy

I have a love and hate relationship with my postpartum body. I love how I can naturally nourish Sam with my breastmilk. But my intense dedication to providing as much milk led me to overindulge in lactation treats and drinks. Taking care of a very active baby and squeezing in 4 power pumps in one day made me eat for two (or even three). Daily's Diet meal plans made me realize that all I need is to choose smart and pick nutrition-packed food. And no, it doesn't have to taste bland for it to be healthy!

Hello, Daily's Diet.

Daily's Diet is one of the popular meal plan providers in the city. It has an extensive menu catering to those who prefer high protein, medical (low sodium), diabetic, and pescatarian. I chose a high protein, 2,000 calorie meal plan, as it could help me produce more milk. And with zero expectations, my first meal was delivered the following day.

A day's meal is composed of breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. For Monday, I had Smoked Salmon and Tamago Sushi Burrito with Sriracha Mayo, Matcha Cake with Adzuki Cream, Seafood Laksa Noodle Soup, an apple, and Filipino Style BBQ Chicken with Brown Rice and a generous serving of atsara.

I was blown away by my breakfast. It was a lip-smackingly good medley of land and sea. I thoroughly enjoy each bite and genuinely felt sad when I was down to my last bite. I guess I was still relearning how to eat for one. 

It was like dining in a luxurious Japanese restaurant when I had a bite of the Matcha Cake. It had that perfect level of green tea which was beautifully complemented by the sweet and grainy Adzuki. 

The laksa was a bit spicy for my liking which made me slurp down the al dente noodles fast! 

And just when I thought dinner would be just your usual Filipino classic, Daily's version was a lot more flavorful! Pairing it with pickled papaya made it even more delicious. 

Day one surely put the bar high up and I was excited about the next day's menu.

For Tuesday, I had Ube Champorado with Kesong Puti and Fried Dilis, Peking Style Chicken with Lumpia Wrapper and Hoisin Sauce, Chicken Gising Gising with Brown Rice, Banana, and Aburi Beef Rice Bowl.

The ube champorado was LEGIT. It tasted like ube and the slightly salty and tangy taste of kesong puti went well with the sweet purple champorado. The crunchy glazed dilis added extra bite. I found it very filling.

The chicken wrap was a good snack. It was light yet satisfying. 

I am a big fan of gising-gising and Daily's chicken version is scrumptious! The coconut milk used in this dish was a winner. It had that delectable sweet taste and complemented the ground chicken and crunchy winged beans. 

The Aburi Beef Bowl for dinner was great too. The slices of beef were flavorful and very tender. 

Wednesday was a day full of surprises. 

I never thought I'd have ramen for breakfast but Daily's creative menu made it happen. 

Daily's Cheesy Pork Miso Ramen was your no-frills ramen topped with a generous serving of meat. 

Who would have thought that a diet plan would include nama chocolates on the menu? Well, Daily's would! And it was one of the best nama chocolates I've had to date! It was so rich yet not cloying at all.

The Thai Chicken Crunch Salad was amazing too! Served with two dressings, one which had a slight barbecue taste and another that had a delectable peanut flavor, each bite made my taste buds dance with glee. 

And for dinner, I had a homey plate of Slow Cooker Beef and Chorizo Casserole with Brown Rice. And as expected, it was effortless to sink one's teeth into the meat. 

Another Japanese meal welcomed me the next day. This time, it was Japanese SoufflĂ© Pancake with Amaretto Peach Chia Cream Pudding. 

Sure, it was far from the jiggly souffles you see in Japan. But this dense pancake is yummy. And the chia cream pudding was a gift from the food gods! It was so good that I had several spoonfuls before taking this photo. 

The chilled bowl of Korean Seaweed Soup with Minced Meat was apt for this weather! And it felt like my birthday as I slurped down this light and satisfying snack.

I was still feeling full when I savored my plate of Chimichurri Chicken with Green Beans and Mashed Potato with Gravy. The chimichurri sauce was packed with heat and it made me eat all the mashed potato with just a few spoonfuls!

I always get so thrilled whenever I see fats in my meal as it would mean more milk. And this plate of Binagoongan Lechon Kawali with Garlic Kangkong over brown rice was more than just a breastmilk producing aid, it was delicious. Instead of microwaving it though, I had it in the oven to keep the pork skin crunchy.

Friday's menu was just as good as the previous days as I started with Homemade Breakfast Sausage Pattie with egg, cheese, and English muffin sandwich. It reminded me of my morning runs to McDonald's, only Daily's version was a lot heartier with its meatier portion.

I placed the silvannas in the freezer for a couple of hours and it was a lovely snack to have in this crazy summer.

Protein-rich BBQ Chicken Adobo with Potatoes over Cilantro Brown Rice was for lunch and it was so filling! I was still feeling full come dinner time. 

But I couldn't resist the fragrant Garlic Tomato Longganisa Malunggay Pasta. Plus the word "malunggay" is just too irresistible to a breastfeeding mom. 

I thoroughly enjoyed all the meals I had from Daily's that I was patiently waiting for Friday night's delivery only to realize a few hours later that I was done for the week! 

A week's worth of meals costs roughly PHP2,000-3,000 depending on your plan. But I'd say that it is worth every penny especially if you live alone, hate cooking, and prefer to have a variety of food every day. They also have meals for the whole family. 

If you want to order yours, use my code Mary_DailysD5 and get a 5% discount.

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