Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Love at First Bite: Sharyn's Cansi House

One of the dishes I was excited to try in Bacolod is cansi (or kansi). I've tried it before here in Manila but I was not impressed with its extremely salty taste. Apparently, the taste of real cansi is quite far from the one I had. Hearing that it's supposed to be tangy (thanks to this local produce called batwan) made me excited to give it a second chance. And to avoid disappointment, I went to the best cansi place in town, Sharyn's Cansi House.

Hello, Sharyn's Cansi House
This no-frills cansi restaurant is located in what the locals call Shopping Center of Bacolod. 
There were not a lot of diners when we dropped by one Wednesday night. 
As soon as we sat down, we were given plates of rice and we were asked how many bowls of cansi we would like to order. Surprised with the quick service, we asked to have our rice served later as we were still waiting for R's friends. But two other servers gave us rice soon after. I guess it's an SOP at Sharyn's to serve rice ASAP. 
While waiting, we were lucky to have a short chat with Ms. Delia Perez, the person behind the success of Sharyn's Cansi House. She proudly showed us some newspaper clippings that mention her cansi being part of the Top 50 World Street Food Masters list. 
We got super excited to try Ms. Perez's famous cansi after reading the articles so we decided to order a bowl of Cansi (PHP290) before R's friends arrived. 
And it smelled divine! A sniff of the delectable tangy aroma made my taste buds go crazy. 
It was love at first bite. The tender beef with the tangy broth was absolutely delicious. We were given a mug of extra soup which tasted more flavorful. It tasted like my favorite bulalo, but tangy because of the batwan. Each mouthful was heavenly that I didn't realize that I already finished my cup of rice. (It took a lot of effort not to order another cup of rice and overeat.)
I've read in some blogs that Sharyn's Cansi House offers other dishes but according to the server, they only serve cansi. (Insider tip: They also offer crispy cansi which I heard is good too.)

I'd love to go back to Sharyn's Cansi House and drown in its delectable cansi and maybe try its crispy cansi as well. 

Tip: It is best to drop by early as the broth seems to be a bit watered down past 7 p.m. when the store's about to close. 

Sharyn's Cansi House is located at 6th Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental. 

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