Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Restaurant Love: Chili's

It has been quite a while since my last Chili's visit. If I remember it right, it was way back February of last year. Yes, it has been a year! I usually visit for a few mugs of margarita till I realized how much sugar each glass contains. Oh how I hate getting old. Anyway... Since we were missing Chili's delectable dishes and because I had PHP1,000 worth of gift certificates (thank you, looloo!) waiting to be spent, R and I opted to have dinner here one night.

Long time no see, Chili's! 
The restaurant was packed the night we visited and we were on the waiting list. We opted to use this time to browse the menu and decide on what to order.

R went with his usual Chicken Crispers (PHP340) while I tried Monterey Chicken (PHP485). We also got a glass of Molten Chocoate Smoothie (PHP195).

Despite having a very busy night, service was quick. We got out beverage in less than 10 minutes.

It was love at first sip! It was chocolate ice cream in liquid form! It was so chocolatey and something kids would love. The only downside is that it doesn’t really quench your thirst and actually just makes you even thirstier.

R’s Chicken Crispers and my Monterey Chicken were served soon after.
R’s chicken tenders are delightful as always. The crisp hand battered chicken strip is L-O-V-E. I also loved Chili’s fatfries that are made from real potatoes.
I’ve never ordered the Monterey Chicken before and one bite made me regret why I didn’t bother to order this during my earlier visits. The dish was delightful!!! The succulent chicken breast was far from being called bland and I loved how the bacon strips added flavor to the dish. The mashed potato topped with white sauce that had a hint of garlic was divine and addicting! And the best thing was it still tasted great after a few days! (I had my leftover packed and I had it for lunch a couple of days later.)

While enjoying our meal, R asked one of the servers for additional gravy. The server just stared at him and left so we decided to ask another server for dip. And we ended with two bowls of dip. We could have avoided this if only the first server was friendlier and properly acknowledged our request. Oh well, more dip!
Total damage was PHP1,116.59 but thanks to looloo, I only had to shell out a hundred! Yay! 

For a complete list of Chili’s branches, click here.

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