Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Now in Manila: Coco Ichibanya Curry House

I am not fond of curry. There, I said it. For some reason, I just do not like the taste of curry. I try to veer away from restaurants that serve that. But when I visited Coco Ichibanya in California, things changed. I am now a curry lover! And I was thrilled when I found out that Coco Ichibanya finally has a branch here in Manila!

Hello, Coco Ichibanya!

R and I decided to have dinner together one Friday night after receiving her message that her flight to Thailand was moved to that weekend. (I just have to meet my good friend as I do not know when I’ll meet her again. *cries*)
There were still a handful of tables when we arrived. After a few minutes of staring at the menu (especially at the cheese curry which has nothing but rice, cheese strings and curry sauce), we decided to go for Pork Cutlet Omelet Curry (PHP360), Creamed Chicken Omelet Curry (PHP330) and a bowl of Tuna salad (PHP100). R2 arrived after half an hour and ordered Pork Cutlet with Vegetable Curry (PHP440) and Milk Tea (PHP100).

Service was pretty quick.
The tuna salad was crisp and I loved the generous serving of roasted sesame dressing. Nothing spectacular with the tuna though. It reminded me of the usual canned tuna.
R enjoyed her plate of pork cutlet omelet curry. It had a generous serving of pork cutlet and curry sauce. (We totally forgot to customize our rice portion!)
My plate had tiny bits of creamed chicken with overflowing curry sauce. After a few spoonfuls, I was left with omelet rice curry. I wish that there were more chicken bits.
R2’s meal seemed to be good for two. The pork cutlet serving size was generous and there were huge chunks of vegetables too. He gave me a cutlet after seeing that I was just eating curry sauce. *awww*

I’ll definitely give the other dishes a try next time. I just try to avoid pork cutlet since I already tried that one.

Coco Ichibanya is located at Lower Ground, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City.

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