Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love at First Bite: BBQ Chicken

(Continuation of the Hunger Games day) Archery sure is a tiring activity. Our arms were stretched out and we were hungry. We were planning to go to Brotzeit for some sausages but something else caught the eyes of T and K while we were at Pearl Drive... a small Chimek (Chicken and Mekju [beer]) place. We just had a Korean dinner a night ago but that didn't stop us to check the place out.

Hello, BBQ Chicken!
The place was empty when we arrived. T guessed that perhaps they do better with deliveries than dine-in as the delivery guy comes and goes the whole time we were there.

We were torn between Spicy Chicken and Rice Syrup Chicken (both PHP320) but the server told us that the Rice Syrup tastes better so we chose the latter. We also ordered Spicy Dduk-Bokki (PHP220) and Cream Chicken Pasta (PHP255). Then we all ordered a glass of beer for a chimek restaurant experience but I also ordered a can of cola (as I really am not fond of beer).

Service was pretty quick as our orders arrived in less than 15 minutes.
We were glad that we were given an option to have the chicken deboned so that eating it will be less messy as it was covered in sauce (think Bon Chon). 

The skin was crisp and it was rich in taste. What I loved was that the flavor reached the meat and the sweet rice syrup, peanut and green pepper taste were present in each bite. 
The dduk-bokki was quite too spicy for me so I only took a few as I was running out of cola and I do not want to wash it down with beer.
I loved the pasta though. It was like carbonara with bits of chicken breast meat. Creamy goodness. And the chicken was very tender. 
Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. And since we almost owned the place, it was a great place to catch up. Plus the chairs were comfy. <3

BBQ Chicken is located at 2nd Floor Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City.

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