Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My First Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) Experience

It was my first time to experience Thanksgiving and Black Friday here in the US and it sure was TIRING.
Unlike the Philippines, most parts of the US do not celebrate Christmas the way Pinoys do. I think the only place in America that feels just like the bright Manila is New York. But I'm in California, 6 hours away from the Big Apple. Then again, they also have something quite similar to our Christmas where relatives come over to share a feast and that's Thanksgiving.

I usually see photos of friends celebrating Thanksgiving, all merry and full (thanks to the gigantic turkey!) while catching up with relatives. But it never occur to me that it takes a lot of hard work to prepare for it.
Auntie J and I started preparing for it two days before Thanksgiving, starting with the desserts and appetizers. It took us roughly 2 hours to finish the Ube Halaya, Cassava Cake and Macaroni Salad. The next day was dedicated to more desserts. I baked some chocolate fudge. 
The day of Thanksgiving was focused on prepping the ham, turkey, chicken curry, and side dishes such as yam, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Surprisingly, with all the washing, prepping and stuff, it took us more than 6 hours! 

Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed the food served. And that's enough to get rid of the aching muscles. But N insisted that we head to Walmart right after for Black Friday. And we were greeted by a line that lasted hours!
This time around, the stores, or at least Walmart, was more organized. They only allow a few people in at certain times to avoid shoving, pushing, cussing, and unnecessary violence. Walmart also had this one-hour in stock guarantee so as long as you are inside within the sale time frame, you are safe. 

Buuuut, I guess Walmart did not expect that they will still run out of stock (and yes, even the coupons for Walmart.com). We managed to get an iPad Mini though for $299 plus a Walmart gift card worth $100. Not a bad deal at all.

Endless cooking, turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, laughter with the family and friends, long line in front of stores... well, that pretty much sums up Thanksgiving.

Image of turkey from: FreshandEasy.com

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