Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Food Find: Chatime's Kronuts

The Cronut mania is still very alive as I still see long lines in Wildflour, empty racks in Chatime and posts on social media. I got to try the ones from Dunkin Donut (which you have to eat warm if you want to enjoy it), the cute version of Le Coeur (cute because it was the smallest so far), and Chatime’s Kronuts (which at first was sold out 30 minutes after opening). There’s still a lot more to try but my pants are suffering!

My mom called me one night and said that she was buying a few stuff from Pioneer Center and the first thing that came to my head was Chatime’s Kronuts. (They spell it like that since they can’t use the word Cronut as it was trademarked.) My mom asked which flavors and I tried to think for a moment but then decided to say, “ALL!” So much for trying to live healthier. >.<
When I got home, I was greeted by 6 Kronuts and all looked so yummy and saying, “Eat me! No me first! MEEE!” Okay, that was weird but you get my point.
The first one I tried was the sugar raised Kronut and I was surprised that it has hazelnut filling! I really enjoyed this one!
The next one I tried was cream cheese and it tasted rather different from how I imagined it to me. It was sweeter than cream cheese and I couldn’t seem to taste the tangy flavor.
I didn’t like the white chocolate too. I guess I really am just not too fond of white chocolate.
The strawberry tasted too artificial for me. I prefer the berry flavor of Le Coeur.
The dark chocolate is heavenly! Again, this one has hazelnut filling. It wasn’t exactly dark but the flavor is very rich! Lovely!

I’d definitely go for more of those with hazelnut filling. Perhaps 2 of each? *burp*

Kronuts is available in Chatime Pioneer branch. Check their Facebook page for updates on where else to buy Kronuts.

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