Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chocoholic News Alert: Ovomaltine is coming soon to Manila!

Oh oh Ovalteenies, oh oh Ovalteenies. You just can't get enough, you just can't get enough oh~~ Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this jingle. 
Image from: adyingstar.blogspot.com
I grew up drinking chocolate drinks as my after school treat. One month with Milo, another with Ovaltine, another with Enervon HP then repeat. (Yeah, I wasn't offered Swiss Miss when I was a kid.)
Just drinking a cup of hot chocolate brings so much comfort, especially on a gloomy day as today. It makes me want to stay in bed, watch some movies and drink my cup of happiness.
Image from: www.ovomaltine.ch
But just when I thought these powdered chocolate can't be better, Ovaltine came up with Ovomaltine, a crunchy chocolate spread that you can use to whip up amazing baked goods or simply as spread (if baking is such a chore or if you can't bake to save your life). 

With all the craze with spreads, this is one I really want to try. Chocolate + creamy + crunchy? I don't need to be convinced further. 
Image from: www.chockies.net
The good news is that Frannywanny will bring this great spread here in Manila. Click here for more details. I'm excited to try mine soon! Come home soon Frannywanny!!!


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