Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In-N-Out in Singapore! Is Manila next?

I often check my Facebook News Feed for updates and one particular update made my eyes bigger than it used to.

IN-N-OUT is now in Singapore!!!
In-N-Out finally branched out and in Singapore! I am not very sure if this is the start of the well-loved burger joint from being a just-in-California brand to becoming a global brand.

After reading the post of Jeffrey Oon in Yahoo Singapore, I felt my tummy grumble. How I wish for the next 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days (or so what my countdown [to U.S. vacation] app told me) to go by FAST so that I could sink my teeth into a burger or two or even three!
After a few minutes and gaining back my sanity, I then thought, why Singapore? Perhaps it’s because it is one popular Asian destination or that there are a lot of foreigners living there. But same is true here in Manila! There are so many American brands popping from left to right. Jamba Juice, Pinkberry, P.F. Chang, Forever 21, Cotton On and so much more are now here in Manila. Waaait, does that mean… *smiles in a very weird and disturbing way*
I do hope In-N-Out’s next stop is Manila!
To the person granting franchises: *Puss in Boots eyes* (I hope this works!)

All photos were taken from In-N-Out L.A..

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