Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My first kiss…

Okay, it was my second… with The Chocolate Kiss that is.
I still remember what I ordered when I first visited The Chocolate Kiss—their famous Devil’s Food Cake (slice: PHP70; whole: PHP700) with all of the gooey marshmallow goodness. It was really good. It deserved to be the  cafĂ©’s bestseller. Moist and flavorful yet you won’t easily get tired of it. It wasn’t very sweet either but still pleases the palate of a sugar-craving foodie.
Devil's Food Cake
Since I don’t like ordering the same thing twice, I ordered something different when I “accidentally” visited it last week (we were supposed to go on a picnic but Mother Nature was in a bad mood that day). I ordered Dayap Chiffon Cake (slice: PHP80; whole: PHP800) since the server told us that it is one of their best sellers. My friends ordered the Devil’s Food Cake and Carrot Cake (slice: PHP70; whole: PHP700).
Yey!!! The cakes have arrived. Happy… uh… day.
I was pretty disappointed that they did not serve the cakes nicely for picture purposes. Oh well… cake is still cake.
Now to taste the #2 (or was it #3?) best selling cake…
Dayap Chiffon Cake
It was… not something I will order again. I guess I am not fond of citrus cakes. It reminds me of cough syrup for some reason. Then again if you like dishes with a bit of tangy taste, then this is a must try.
The carrot cake on the other hand was nothing spectacular. It was moist and good but it is at par with the other carrot cakes I’ve tried before.
Carrot Cake
After having our desserts and on our way to have lunch (yes, we sometimes eat that way), I realized that I have never tried their savory dishes. I now have an instant reason to go back (and try the cheesecakes).

The Chocolate Kiss is located at the G/F Ang Bahay ng Alumni, R. Magsaysay St., University of the Philippines campus, Quezon City

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