Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Lemon for a Happy Tummy

Since a lot of people were raving about Happy Lemon and we were only a few steps away from its first store, we (Alexis [the Happy Lemon addict], Fritz [the dessert expert], and I) decided to pay the cute yellow store a visit.
First observation, the line was long… or not.
We were a bit hesitant to enter because we saw a lot of people inside. Apparently, most were just waiting for their orders. That already gave me an impression that Happy Lemon has 1) really good drinks that people do not mind waiting for it or 2) the service… well, is slow.
Since Fritz and I were Happy Lemon virgins, we wanted to try several drinks. I decided to play safe and chose milk tea (Crispy Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly + pearls—I am a pearl addict). Alexis ordered the same drink less the extra pearls. Fritz on the other hand was mesmerized by ROCK SALT CHEESE and decided to order Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese.
Alexis and I loved ours but poor Fritz hated his because it tasted like… SAMPAGUITA. Is sampaguita also tea???
But since my drink was oh-so-good, I will definitely go back and try the other drinks… EXCEPT Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. 



  1. Yes, it's a kind of tea, and Jasmine green tea is an acquired taste. :)

  2. I completely understand. I used to hate it and now I couldn't stop craving for it. I prefer the one from ChaTime though. :)


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