Saturday, December 18, 2010

All about KFC Double Down

Since I have been hearing so many people clamoring for this so-called KFC Double Down, I’ve decided to buy one on my way home. Well, the rage is dying a bit now since it has been weeks (or was it more than a month already)? Anyway, I bought one Double Down with coleslaw and cola.
My first impression: THE DOUBLE DOWN IS JUST A SMALL CHICKEN BURGER. I had this notion that it is a burger for real fast food eaters. I guess I was wrong.
It tasted like one big chicken strip from the KFC Gogo sandwich… only it had bacon and cheese on it. I find it a bit too salty and it also has this umay or sawa factor.
I still prefer Burger King’s Chicken Sandwich. It is bigger and more filling for me. J
KFC Double Down

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