Sunday, November 10, 2013


The typhoon Yolanda has created havoc in several  parts of the Philippines, specifically Tacloban, Leyte with an alarmingly high death toll.  

People have come together once again to reach out to these affected areas. Many have gathered to bring relief goods and those who cannot help financially gave their time to pack the goods and helped have it ready to be shipped to the affected cities. 
However, it has also been reported that there are some trucks that do not make it to the victims as these were attacked. A mall too was looted to the very last can of soup. It may have been a sign of desperation (or opportunity).  
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I pray that peace and order will once again be restored in these areas. I also hope that the victims themselves work together to make things better again. It'll be hard for sure. But we Pinoys, as CNN may or may have not said, are resilient and strong. We will surpass this. Let us not use this calamity as an excuse to do something we'd regret in the future. Instead, let's build the cities again, stronger, and more prepared for the future. We can do this!

Click here to know more on how to help out.

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