Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forever line at Forever 21

The 3-Day Mega sale was so INTENSE! I didn’t know that Megamall decided to open early (thus the reason why people already have tons of shopping bags before 10am!). My first stop was Forever 21 because I know that teens and yuppies will flock that place like mad…women in a few minutes and I was quite right. The place was already full when I got in (but I didn’t have to wait outside to get in). I quickly browsed through the racks, took what I find okay~(meaning not-so-okay-but-it’s-cheap-so-I-will buy-it-anyway) and hurriedly looked for the fitting room. I waited for about 30 minutes! (Mental note: wear skimpy/body hugging clothes during sale to avoid it—so diet I must before sale) About half of the clothes didn’t fit me (since the smaller sizes were na-da already when I got in). Basically, I ended up getting almost regular items but since I have an SM advantage card, I get an additional 10% off. Not bad… right?
And here’s the ugly part… the line to the cashier! I saw this long line and I immediately thought that this is the line to the cashier and I was right. After 5 minutes, I was wondering how come there are 2 ends. I asked 2 sales crew about it and one said that the other end is for those who bought 12 pieces or more. (Darn, I only bought 7!). The other one said that it is somehow the same so it would be better for me to just stay put. I SHOULD HAVE NOT LISTENED TO THOSE INCOMPETENT PEOPLE!!! I was at the wrong line for 2 hours!!! Apparently, the line was meant for people who bought 4 pieces or less and the LOOOOONG line has only one cashier! *AIGOO*
The ugliest part though is this: the sales manager was not sympathetic (nor apologetic) at all when one customer told her about us skipping lunch because of the long line and the wrong information given to us. She just smiled like a fool and smirked after the customer complained. Terrible TERRIBLE service.
I got out around 2 pm… dizzy. Went straight to Una Rosa and Nine West… BETTER SERVICES (well, it’s a given that those stores are smaller… and smaller is not always a bad thing).
**didn’t proof read so please bear with the typos or wrong grammar*

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